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We will make you a Successful Fashion Brand

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We will make you a Successful Fashion Brand

Are You Ready?

What We Do
Create entrepreneurs in the Fashion and Garment industry who are handheld to develop a winning strategy with in-house Product development, Manufacturing, Retail, Online sales, Exhibitions, and
The Learning
Each course in this specialization is capped with an immersive project where you'll turn your passion to become a future business leader into a proposed strategy for addressing the challenges in today's fashion industry. For each project, you will be expected to prepare and present a plan for how you would leverage innovations in technology, design, and retail channels in order to solve a critical issue in the current fashion system.

Online & Offline Hybrid Course Details

Fashion Introduction

  • Introduction to Fashion Start-up Business
    • Concepts, Learning curve, Ecosystem, How-where-when answered.
    • Concepts of Designing, pattern making, stitching, embellishments, embroidery, finishing
  • Fashion Inspiration
    • Understanding of textiles and fabric types
    • Concepts of textiles science
    • Free CREDO e-books
  • Elements and Principles of Designing
    • Introduction to fabric science
    • Types of Fabric Properties/waft wift
    • Swatch File, etc.
  • Colour Study: Tints/Shades and Tones, Colour Wheel, Primary Colours, Colour Mixing, Introduction to Fabric Science continued from earlier with CREDO e-books & videos.
  • Understanding Fashion cycle: concept & stages, Usage of Fashion Cycle in Designing, Understanding fabric science ie. GSM/Thread count/weight.
  • Trend studies: Forecasting, basic drawing techniques, Figure Drawing, continue Textile science with CREDO e-books & videos.
  • Introduction to Illustration, Basic drawing technique, Croqui Illustration.
  • Detailed Illustration of specified fabrics, Basic drawing technique of hair,eye, Croqui Illustration- Male & Female
  • Developement of Fashion, evolution of fashion in India since independence.
  • History of fashion, draping from ancient period and advantages with CREDO e-books & videos.

Pattern Drafting

  • Pattern making process: An introduction to Pattern making process tools, styles, tricks. The course helps you understand the nuances of fit, style and design in drafting patterns and constructing garments for womens wear. The course is supported with demonstration of pattern making concepts of measurements, developing basic block, test fitting, Contouring and garment construction elements to make tops and other garments.
  • A Free CREDO Video will be provided to you outlining an Introduction to Tools & Machine required in Fashion Designing.
  • Pattern Drafting & Plotting: It involves learning about the development of patterns and the creation of different garments. It is accompanied by a detailed demonstration of the drafting and construction of garments. This helps students develop their own patterns, necessary to create exclusive designs.
  • A 6 hours tutorial over free CREDO Video and CREDO-Ebook will be provided to demonstrate the Basics on Pattern Making & Development
  • Pattern Cutting: The demonstration takes you thorugh the process of cutting the pattern using the tools of the trade. You will get to practice with your own hands and cut your own pattern.
  • A set of Free CREDO VIDEO will expose you to Procedure of Pattern making. This you shall retain for your future reference and use.
  • Fabric Marking: An indepth demonstration where you will learn to transfer your pattern on the fabric, explaintation and demonstration of fabric Marking where you will also get to practice on your own fabric.
  • A free CREDO video and CREDO E-Book shall be provided explaining the Tools & their functions required in Pattern Making. This shall be retained by you for your future reference.
  • Fabric Cutting: This is where you get to learn the art of accurate cutting of fabrics based on the markings made by you. The tricks of the trade shall be demonstrated and you will get to cut fabric in preparation of the next stage.

Body Measurements

  • Body Measurements is the most critical composition of the entire Desiging eco-system. You will learn how to take Body Measurements accurately, computing the measurements, chart creation, understanding design styles and measurement ease.
  • A detailed 15 hours program with practical training, detailed Video demonstration and Free CREDO E-book showcasing the Process Of Body Measurement. You will retain all electronic E-Books and Video content for future reference free of costs.


  • Introduction to Embroidery: The course helps you understand the complexity of Hand embroidery and the technological advancement in Computerised embroidery.
  • Computerised Embroidery Machine Learning: Learn the operation of embroidery design on fabric using modern computer controlled Embroidery machines.
  • Traditional Hand Embroidery: You will be exposed through demonstrations different types of hand embroidery as part of  our learning program.

Laser Tech

  • • Introduction to laser machine: You will be exposed to modern technology where Laser machines are used to scan designs, and cutting tools assist in cutting, engraving, and etching.
  • You will learn the intricate operation of cutting, engraving & etching of products in laser machine with real project work.

Digital Print

  • Introduction to DIGITAL printing machine: You will learn the joy of multi-color printing using modern Japanese Computer-
    controlled digital printing.
  • Digital Printing Process training: You will be exposed to the entire process of printing including machine setup, introduction, machine operation, loading of printing media, transfer of media to heat processing, fabric setting, and finishing the print on the fabric.

Garment Construction

  • • Introduction of computerized sewing machine: In this course, you are going to learn how to use computer-controlled 
    modern sewing machines, the basic tools required, how to practice stitches, and will be doing project work.
  • Stitching of cut fabric (cut by you): You will get to stitch your own fabrics using modern technology. You will be exposed to different types of computer-controlled stitching machines like Overlock, Fatlock, 4 thread, 5 thread, Button stitch & ButtonHole, etc.
  • You will receive Free of cost a set of CREDO Videos demonstrating the Basics of Stitching Machines & Tools & Basic Torso drafting.
  • You will receive a free CREDO Video which will demonstrate the art of Basic Torso draping. 
  • During your learning process, we shall provide you for free a set of CREDO videos demonstrating the Basics of Sleeves & Trouser drafting.

Brand Building & Strategy

  • • CREDO FASHION STUDIO introduces the concept Of building a brand and describes the creative aspects of it as well as  the logistical ones.
  • Passion for Fashion: You will learn how to convert your passion for fashion into a commercial success. The need to develop a BRAND strategy, Objectives, and Key Responsibilities (OKR) is required to make your fashion entity stand out. You will learn how to develop great logos that appeal to your target audience.
  • Fashion Business Strategy: You will participate in group sessions to evolve a Brand strategy that is cohesive, simple, and unique. You will learn to collaborate with other designers and create a conducive environment where you can evolve as part of an entire organically developing chain of entrepreneurs.

Product Development & Promotion

  • Photo & Video shoot: You will learn to use your mobile camera to take images and videos of your product. Some of you will get to model your own garment.
  • Image Editing: You will get to learn image editing using great image editing apps. You will also learn to edit your videos, and add content and audio to the same. You will also learn how to add Artificial Intelligence driven voice over and make reels.
  • Catalog: You will learn and create a project of building your product portfolio of 180* designs only in our incubation  center. CREDO provided designs with sizing, gradations, and patterns. At the end of this exercise, you would have  developed your own 180-product catalog ready for promotion.
  • E-Commerce & Retail: You will learn how to manage E-commerce. You will upload your products to CREDO E-commerce platform. You will also learn to administer the back end, process orders, manage payments, logistics and customer feedback.

Product Development & Promotion

  • Retail strategy: Develop a Go-To-Market strategy that is inclusive and relevant to today's consumer and encompasses best practices for sustainability.
  • Design a contemporary retailing strategy that considers customer experience, omni-channel engagement, operational logistics, and merchandising.
  • Exhibitions & Promotions: You will participate in real time exhibitions of your products along with other designer. Learn to communicate with buyers, develop the skills to impress upon them and create a lasting impression apart from generating revenue for your product.
  • You will also learn on customer interaction, client behaviour management and technique required to be a great sales person.

Assessments & Trials

  • You will attend assessments at end of the course. Assessments will cover your deep understanding of your training. It will also give equal weightage to your entrepreneurial aptitude and demonstrated skills
  • For the offline course, a valedictory event shall be hosted at CREDO Fashion Cafe Kolkata over a exhibition and handing over of your certificate.
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