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CHARITY IN QUALITY : CREDO ACCELERATE is a non profit movement that promotes training, employment and entrepreneurship amongst the under privileged through sustainable economic Empowerment. Every shirt bought helps us to empower India.

Thank you for buying a CREDO product. We value your business that helps to change lives.

Thank you for "Touching hearts, spreading smiles

Q. What is the fabric quality assurance at credoforu?

A. The credoforu shirts are Proudly MADE IN INDIA, CREDO ACCELERATE branded Shirts are stitched from premium Mill fabrics purchased from dealers of Arvind, Siyaram, Mafatlal, Graviera, Raymond cut lengths and Italian cotton.

Q. How do we know that the fabrics are from such reputed mills?

A. Shirts are individually packed with the selvage of the fabric manufacturer. For example, if we are selling a CREDO ACCELERATE shirt made of Arvind fabric, you will get to see online in our catalogue as well as receive with the shirt 'Arvind' selvage used from the same fabric length (then) to justify.

Q. What are the technologies that credoforu are using in the production of shirts?

A. Sewn-on "JUKI Computerized Japanese machines" making a quality statement consistent across the garment.
B. All fusing and underlining are done on Japanese HASHIMA machines ensuring crisp and 'As Fresh as New' look at the collar and cuffs, wash after wash.
C. "German GUTERMANN" thread used in every stitch making the shirt firm and crisp even after dozens of wash.
D. Button holing, buttonhole stitching, button insertion and button sewing done in JUKI specialized computer-controlled machines. This ensures strong button resistance against rigorous wear and tear conditions.
E. "22 stitches" per inch makes the garment strong with fine stitch lines- mark of quality and fine tailoring.

Q. What is the return and refund policy at credoforu?

A. We understand that the custom made shopping experience can be a daunting experience for some - especially online. At CREDOFORU we want to keep it as simple and worry-free as possible for you. If within 15 days of your shipment reaching you, your garment does not meet your expectations, you may return the same for an alteration, remake or refund as the case may be.

Q. Where can we see the products?

A. You can see our range of collection at our website and marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart as CREDOICSURE.

Q. Can I return and receive a full refund?

A. Yes, we have a return and refund policy. If within 30 days of shipment, you are not satisfied with your garment received, then you can contact us through e-mail at unless it is in the same condition that went from the warehouse till delivered, then you can expect a full refund and even opt for an exchange.

Q. Can I pay Cash on Delivery?

A. Yes, we have the Cash on Delivery (COD) option. You can make the payment once you receive your parcel at your doorstep.

Q. I want to gift a credoforu product to my friend. Can you courier it?

A. Yes, of course. The only thing you need to do is mention your friend's address in the address section while filling up the customer details page at credoforu and make an online payment since you will be gifting it to your friend.

Q. Can I become a dealer / reseller?

A. You can join as a RESELLER, but we prefer to call you as CREDO PROMOTER, where you can earn up to 18% commission on sales based on targets on the garments offered by CREDOFORU. For more information, you can visit and earn for a lifetime!

Q. Where else can I buy CREDOFORU shirts from?

A. Our credoforu products are also available at Amazon and Flipkart as CREDOICSURE.

Q. Where else can I research about your Brand?

A. You can get reviews of our brand at Facebook with its handle as, Quora, Reddit, Wikipedia, Hubspage, Slashdot to name a few.
You may contact our customer experience team who will arrange a pick-up. Please contact them via Request an alteration over email at

All alterations take 5 working days to process after receipt at our centre, though we will try to get to you sooner.